About Liz Andromeda

Liz captures life with a unique eye for activity, action, and emotion. Her works present a lasting insight into the intricacies of the fast paced, multi-faceted reality we live in. Her investigation into representations of fluid situations offer realist depictions that can only be seen through photography.

By emphasizing action and emotion, she creates works in which a captivation with the clarity of content and an uncompromising attitude towards authenticity and documentary can be found.

Formerly a Photojournalist, she is medically retired and now primarily shoots for friends, hobby, and interest. Her works are published under both her name and the moniker M31 Photography.

Liz Andromeda currently lives and works in Ohio.

Free Use

A few of Liz's works are available for license free use. Visit UnSplashed to browse, use, and download. Accreditation always appreciated!

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